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2N Helios IP Safety

2N Helios IP SafetyA Grand Welcome

2N® Helios IP Safety is a modern emergency intercom that will ensure two-way communication between two remote locations when needed.  Its reliability is enhanced by robust construction and other practical properties that take into account its use in high-stress operations.  Its striking orange colour and illuminated button ensure that it is visible and functions even in crisis situations.

In communication, this intercom uses the standard SIP protocol, so that compatibility with third-party products is guaranteed.  It is resistant to external influences and boasts the highest coverage class pursuant to the IPX (IP69) standard.  The high-powered 10W speaker, 2 integrated microphones and intelligent echo suppression guarantee high-quality and comprehensible two-way communication even in noisy environments, such as industrial operations or transport infrastructure.  Communication is initiated by pushing its single, freely programmable button, which is visibly illuminated in blue.

If you want to increase safety at your workplace or anywhere else, use 2N® Helios IP Safety as a durable, efficient, and technically compatible solution.  Your attention will be drawn to it not only by its colour, but, above all, by the sophisticated rendering of all of its technical details.


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Additional Info

  • The greatest durability on the market
  • A striking orange colour
  • Illuminated emergency button
  • High-quality audio
  • Ease of use and remote administration
  • External source / PoE power supply

Power Supply:

  • 802.3af (PoE) 48 V / 380 mA DC
  • Adaptor 230 V10%,
    50/60 Hz / 12V DC
    DC power supply 12 V / 1A DC


  • Signalization
  • Number of voice channels
  • Audio Codec
    G.711, PCM, 64 kbps


  • Ethernet
    Connector RJ-45
    Ethernet speed 10/100 BASE-T
  • Reley outputs
    Maximal voltage 30 V DC
    Maximal current 1 A DC


  • Dimensions
    217x100x83 mm (h×w×d)
  • Weight
    max. 2000 g
  • Operating temperatures
    from –40 to +55 ºC
  • Cover level
    IP 65, IP 69


  • Audio
    2 integrated microphones
    10W D-Class amplifier
    Fullduplex (AEC)

architecture 2

Basic connection

The 2N® Helios IP Safety can be used as an emergency intercom, for example in the case of a car breakdown on a motorway.  Its vivid orange colour and backlit button make it easy to locate.  Thanks to the employment of IP technology, the call is executed as soon as the button is pressed, without any delays.

The powerful built-in speaker ensures high-quality audio reception.  Voice is picked up by two microphones, and intelligent ambient noise control guarantees good comprehensibility of the audio signal transmission even in an environment as noisy as, for example, a motorway.

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