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Why Record Calls?

Why Record Calls?

In today's global economy with ever-increasing pressure to compete and improve performance while maintaining compliance with stringent laws and regulations, call recording just makes sense. While large enterprises could generally afford the technologies to meet these needs, smaller organizations were shut out of the market. Now, SIP Print offers every business a world-class yet affordable solution to meet and overcome these challenges:

Regulatory Compliance

Businesses of all types face growing regulatory requirements. Today, many businesses are simply required to record phone calls for an undisputable record of transactions. Others find that implementing a call recording solution offers the most effective and affordable way to demonstrate a pattern of compliance.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

It's easier to keep existing customers than to find new ones. That's why so many companies use SIP Print to coach call center employees and other front line employees with recorded examples of high-quality customer interactions.

Using SIP Print to increase customer satisfaction drives operational efficiencies, reduces costs and reduces employee attrition. SIP Print empowers managers to:

  • Evaluate and improve the effectiveness of customer service policies
  • Ensure employees provide the promised level of customer service
  • Create the positive customer interactions that are at the heart of a successful business

Limit Legal Liability

Recorded telephone activity provides a degree of legal protection to both the company and the consumer. SIP Print helps companies limit liability by documenting verbal requests and authorizations, verifying contractual compliance and arbitrating disputes.

In regulated industries, SIP Print play a key role in many companies' ability to verify compliance with: the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and other regulations that require comprehensive information security planning by affected companies.

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Improve Employee Productivity

SIP Print's call monitoring and recording software solution has proven effective in evaluating and improving employee productivity. Reviewing recorded calls with employees provides managers with a powerful training tool and a concrete, objective measure of employee performance. SIP Print allows managers to coach customer service agents with real-life examples of high-quality customer interactions to ensure that employees are operating at peak productivity.

Increase Security

The majority of security threats are created by employees intentionally or unintentionally distributing confidential information. Workplace monitoring and recording encourages employees to be more aware of what they are saying and doing, and helps prevent unauthorized verbal or electronic dissemination of confidential information.

SIP Print helps prevent abuse by encouraging employees to rise to a new level of vigilance. In the event of a security violation, SIP Print provides an undisputable record of activity to help identify the source of the problem and prevent recurrence.

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